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Only the most impactful assignments receive the most intense resistance. The life of Joseph (Old Testament) and Jesus (New Testament) provides us with the truth 

behind the complexities of pursuing the will of God in the midst of opposition. From the Bottom to the Top is a brief observation that illuminates their approach to managing humble beginnings, dealing with opposition during seasons of accelerated growth and favor, and the benefits of prayer in navigating your God-ordained journey towards purpose.

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The Ascension School of Prayer, Intercession, and Warfare curriculum is designed to aid in the development and advancement of intercessors at all levels.  It is structured to evolve within a Level I, Level II, and Level III track system.  

The curriculum strategically builds upon itself with scriptural revelation and principles.  It is designed to cultivate maturity and depth of revelation within those called to intercession or desiring a stronger prayer life.


Session 1 – Clean Hands and a Pure Heart; Part I: The Power of Repentance


Session 2 – What is Prayer?


Session 3 – Understanding the Difference Between Prayer & Intercession


Session 4 – The Role of an Intercessor: Bridge the Gap


Session 5 – Being Led by The Holy Spirit 


Session 6 – The Importance of Intimacy with God (Faith Focused)

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Session 1 – Flow in a Corporate Prayer Environment: Discerning the Atmosphere


Session 2 – Effective Positioning 


Session 3 – Praying in Authority 


Session 4 – Clean Hands and a Pure Heart - Part II: Requirements to Ascend 

Ascension Level II.png


Session 1 – Spiritual Discernment: Accurate Movement and Momentum in the Unseen


Session 2 – The Adversary and the Anointing


Session 3 – Engaging the Enemy Through Divine Strategy


Session 4 – The Breaker Anointing During Warfare Intercession

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